Can a Product Using an eDoc Template Ignore the Template When a File is Attached?

I would like to allow my customers to be able to have the option of EITHER uploading a PDF OR using the eDocBuilder template on the SAME product page. Currently, if I have eDocBuilder template active for a product they have no choice but to "Customize Order". Can we make the system recognize if they have uploaded a pdf and change the "Customize Document" button to "Add to Cart"?


This is not possible. If an eDoc template is assigned to a product, then the user must go through the customization process.  Some of our customers will separate the product types (customize or file upload) by category.  You can see an example of that here:  Notice that there is a category named "Banners."  When the user clicks on the Banners category, they then see three subcategories - Browse our Designs, Have us Design your Banner or Upload your Banner files.  


Another alternative would be to create a live link on each of the Product pages to say "click here to upload your own artwork" (the link takes them to another product or page) or "click here to choose a pre-made template if you don't have artwork ready" (the link takes them to Products using templates) . Of course, even for products that use an eDocBuilder template, you can turn on file attachments. Many times customers have products that require a file upload AND a template that has to be customized.