Leading values are incorrect on text fields on my template uploaded through the InDesign plugin to eDocBuilder?

When the eDocBuilder InDesign plugin uploads a document, the height of the text fields on the document is passed to eDocBuilder. There are situations possible however, where the text styling as set on the field in InDesign will not translate as expected to the template on eDocBuilder.
Since a text field in InDesign can have single or multiple lines of text, and the styling can be applied completely, or to sections or even individual characters in that text box, determining what style settings are being used on the visible text is difficult for the eDocBuilder plugin. If the plugin were to make assumptions about those settings, the assumptions would likely not be correct for all documents from all workflows that could be processed through the plugin.
eDocBuilder then is going to recognize the height of the fields on the InDesign document, but cannot always accurately interpret the leading values on the text in the fields. The text and leading values that are applied within the field after the document has been uploaded may need to be adjusted on the eDocBuilder template, as part of the process of making that template ready to be live.