The FTP Link in My Store's Navigation Menu Does Not Have A Signup

Customers can't create their own FTP accounts. Depending on the Pressero package you have, 10-25 FTP accounts can be created by you—each with its own Account Name/Password login. Storefront visitors using an FTP account would share the login (provided by you), as well as the contents of the FTP folder. See Preferences > FTP Accounts.

Like a typical file upload, FTP is a way for customers to send files to you. However, unlike a file upload, FTP can also be used by your customers to retrieve files that you have placed in the FTP folder. So customers using FTP can both place and remove files from an FTP account. In addition to FTP, you can create a page for your storefront called "File Upload", or “Send Files” . The page can use a form you created that collect details from your customer while enabling them to select and send files (see Preferences > Forms. Also see Sites > Pages).