Clickable Home Page Banners

There are three options for a clickable home page banner:

  1. Use a responsive skin on your site.  Responsive skins utilize a banner widget found in Sites > [site name] > Widgets.  Each slide in your banner has the option to set a "Slide Link."  Entering an URL in this field will make the slide a clickable link to that URL.

  2. This could be done by using a custom skin (our standard ready-to-use skins currently do not support this capability). If you like a particular ready-to-use skin but just want to add a rotating banner, the cost of creating your custom skin will be much lower than creating a custom skin from scratch, because you are just making a few changes. Custom skins—whether created by you or us—have a one-time setup fee and a slight increase in your monthly charge. Custom skins can be used with an Informational Website as well.

  3. Upload a Flash movie file that has links in it. Then, in Sites > Skins > Customize Skin tab select that file from the Home Banner Image menu. You can upload the file either in Tools > File Manager > "skinImages" folder, or by clicking "Upload Images" button in the Sites > Skins > Customize Skin tab (which will take you to that same folder in the File Manager). Important Note: iPads do not support Flash, so if many of your site users are using iPads, it would be best to use the custom skinning option, rather than a Flash file.