Can I have the Pressero order number print on my eDoc production file?

There isn't a way to automatically add the order number to the production file because the order number is not generated until after the order is placed within Pressero.  However, for standard forms based templates you can add the order number to the production file after you receive the order.  Please follow these steps to do so:

1)  When you create your master pdf, add a field for the order number.  Place this field on the pdf exactly where you would like it to print.
2)  On the Field Set up tab of the template, you will want to set the order number field as a protected field.  To mark the field as a protected field, navigate to the Data Capture tab of the field.  Check the box labeled "Protected field."  Make sure that you do NOT set a profile field type for this field.  Once the field is marked as protected, it cannot be edited or even seen by end users.
3)  Save and Commit Changes.
4)  After you receive an order in Pressero using this template, navigate to the eDocBuilder tab of the order in Pressero admin.  Click on the "Edit this Order" button.  This will open the session.   You will see the order number field is now available.  You can add the order number.
5)  Click the update preview button and then the update cart button. 
Your revised production file should show the order number.