Presswise Integration - Passing values to Presswise via Pricing attributes

You can pass attributes into PressWise via the pricing engine.  Pricing attributes can be set in a pricing calculator.  In the calculator parameters area of the spreadsheet, you will see in column M (after the maximum quantity) that there is a pricing attribute column.  You can set the value of various calculator parameters in this column.  For the Presswise integration, you can use any of these attributes:
paperID, paperW, paperH, inksF, inksB, cutW, cutH, runW, runH, finishW, finishH, sheets, rotateF, rotateB, and rushCost, productType, orientation, isCanvas, finishing_device and methodID
You should prepend any of these attributes with "presswise_" (without the quotation marks).
To set a value for the attribute, you would simply name the attribute followed by the equals sign and then the value of the attribute.  You can also set up multiple attributes for a single parameter.  You would separate each attribute with a semicolon.  For example, you could create a calculator parameter with color options of 4/0 and 4/4.  For each of these calculator parameters, you could set the pricing attributes to be:

Calculator parameter option would be 4/0 - set the attribute to presswise_inksF=4;presswise_inksB=0
Calculator parameter option would be 4/4 - set the attribute to presswise_inksF=4;presswise_inksB=4
Setting up your pricing engine in this fashion will prevent you from needing to set up separate products for each color option.  
Special Consideration for the paperID value:
1)  If you use a UOM pricing engine, the integration will pass any value set in the "Stock" field as the paperID.  
2)  For all other engines, the integration will automatically detect any options named "Stock" or "Paper" and send its value as the paperID.  
3)  If no values are detected in #1 and #2 above, any pricing attributes set in the pricing calculator as the paperID will be used.  
4)  If no paperID is detected from the pricing engine, then product attributes identifying paperID will be used instead.

Special Consideration for the rushCost value
1)  This will pass into Presswise as the rush ID.  
2)  This rushCost value should be a number.