Welcome to Pressero v6

The focus of this release is to create the Web-to-Print platform of the future.  At a time when most of our competitors just continue to extend the legacy code, we have re-invested in Pressero with the goal of providing you with an amazing solution for years to come. 
What do you need to know? 
  • To access the admin, use https://admin.chi.v6.pressero.com (customers on the Chicago server), https://admin.ams.v6.pressero.com (Amsterdam server), or https://admin.sg.v6.pressero.com (Singapore Server). If you attempt to sign in with your old v5 login you will be redirected to the v6 login screen. 
  • v5 Saved Reports in the Report Writer. Please note that any reports you have saved in the report writer in version 5 will no longer be accessible. Because this feature was completely re-written you will need to recreate and save your reports. We do apologize for that inconvenience but hope you find the trade-off worth it for the new scheduling feature we added. 
  • Saved Order View. The addition of the new responsive design support requires that you reorganize your orders view and re-save. 
  • Sites with Custom Skinning or changes to CSS and/or Javascript in the HTML Head area. There have been improvements to the HTML in version 6 that may alter the look of the sites with skin changes. Because we reached out to all customers using custom skinning several times over the last 6 months, we hope that there are very few instances that need to be addressed. But it is still very important that you check your sites carefully. If Aleyant did the skinning work for you, any areas that need to be fixed will be free of charge. If changes were made to the head area, we can provide support to help you fix any issues, but there will be a fee for the time. The most important thing is, we need you to go through the site carefully and report any problems that you are not able to resolve on your own. 
  • FTP no longer works with platform.pressero.com or server10.pressero.com as a destination. To connect to FTP, you must use a host of ftp.chi.v6.pressero.com.
  • Additional questions or help needed? Please open a ticket at http://support.aleyant.com and select the department “Pressero Support for Version 6”.
What changed? 
While our focus was on the architecture of the system rather than creating new features, we've been busy over these last few years since v6 was first introduced. Our blog (https://blog.aleyant.com/) is a great place to review all the new updates you may have missed. Here are some of the high-level enhancements you'll want to know about:
  • Responsive Design Admin. The Pressero admin will use responsive design in version 6. With the exception of the report manager and the file manager, you will be able to manage all aspects of Pressero directly from a desktop or mobile device. Because of this, the look and feel you are used to will be updated.
  • PDF Job Tickets. We have replaced our existing HTML based job tickets with all newly designed PDF reports. This will allow for better pagination control, which means fewer pages will print out for you. There are two versions of these reports (traditional and condensed). We’ve worked hard to make these reports better organized, easier to read and printer-friendly.
  • Scheduled Reporting. The report writer has been completely rewritten as well. The new tool will allow you to define reports and have them automatically run on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis (Pro and Enterprise plans only). You can also share reports among admin users and set permissions for which admin users can see which reports. For more information click here to see the documentation article. 
  • Storefront Reports for your customers. We also added the new report writer in B2B storefronts. You may optionally give your customers the ability to create their own order reports directly from their b2b storefronts.
  • Budgets - New site group permissions were added to allow you to give site users the ability to view and manage any budget on the site, including budgets that would not be available to that user during the checkout process. You can now Selected Site Groups to Checkout Without Selecting a Budget When Budgets are Enabled in the Site
  • Manage multiple shipments. You will now be able to manage multiple shipments per order item in your orders “item detail” area of admin. 
  • Payment Provider errors. You can now choose to display a provider error message in the storefront when a credit card payment fails. If you prefer, you can also choose to override this message with a custom message you create. 
  • All new API available for Pressero using REST instead of SOAP. If you are interested in learning more about this, click here: http://admin.chi.v6.pressero.com/docs/api/
  • Responsive Skins and skin setup help tools - A new selection of responsive skins are available for you to choose from. To help you set up your storefronts we've added in-depth documentation for each skin along with a Live Palette Editor so you can see color changes you make in real-time without having to save the changes until you get exactly what you like.
  • Shipping - You can now sort shipping options in the storefront in the order you would like them to appear to your customers. You can also sort shipping methods by site user groups. 
  • Site Impersonation by Other Site Users - This new feature is available for B2B customers only. This change will allow a site user with given permissions, the ability to impersonate another site user from their same storefront.  
  • New Promotion - Dollar Amount or Percentage Off a Category of Products.
  • Zapier Integration (in Beta) - The Zapier connection enables a fast and easy integration with over 1000 business solutions such as QuickBooks, Zoho, Xero, SalesForce, Chargify, ShipStation, etc. for a completely customized end-to-end production and business workflow.
  • New Product Image Gallery - Previously, a user could only add one image to a product in their Pressero storefronts. The new Image Gallery allows you to provide multiple images for each product, choose a primary image, set their order and view them in a gallery mode that is compatible with all device sizes.