Can I extend the amount of time a product stays in the Save for Later area of my site?

Yes, the time an item is held for later can be extended or shortened based on your needs. The default number of days we hold onto the item is 60 days.
In order to change the amount of time, go to Admin > Sites > [Site Name] > Settings > Site Basics section under General Info and look for the field labeled "Save items for (days)." 
The time an item is held for later can be set here and it will override the default of 60 days. If your customer moves an item back to the shopping cart and then saves it again, the time will start over. If an item used an eDocBuilder template, the actual time could be less depending on the length of time you have selected to hold onto eDocBuilder incomplete sessions. See this article for more detail on setting eDoc session data: How long are eDocBuilder orders (sessions) retained in the system?
It is highly suggested that you let your customers know what your Save for Later policy is. When they put items in this area they will want to know how soon they need to return to complete the order before they lose the work they did. You can set instructions to appear at the top of the Saved for Later page by going to: Admin > Sites > [Site Name] > Settings > Instructions Tab > Saved for Later Instructions. 
It is important to remember that subscriptions have a limit on the amount of storage you can use. The items held in the Save for Later area will go against that total storage limit. We felt that 2 months was enough time to give your customers to return to their site and complete their orders.