Can I hide my pricing from my vendor in the dashboard they are given access to?

By default, the pricing in the pricing engine assigned to the product will NOT be visible to the vendor.  However, you can choose to display the cost without mark up to your vendor.  In that way, the vendor would see the cost they are charging you.  You can create your pricing engine to calculate your vendor cost and add a mark up to that pricing that will be displayed to the user when ordering on your site, but it will be hidden from the vendor.  If you would like to hide the mark up from the vendor, follow these steps:

1)  Create your pricing engine with your pricing set to cost.  This would be the cost you want to display to the vendor.  Please note that it is not recommended that you use a unit of measure or price breaks pricing engine with this method.  A pricing calculator is the recommended pricing engine type.  Unit of measure and price breaks pricing engines display a pricing chart that will not reflect the cost NOT including the mark up.  This could cause confusion for your users.
2)  Go to Sites > [site name] > Products > [product name] > General tab.  In the "Order Management" section, check the box labeled "Show Price Without Markup to Vendor."  Save.
3)  Go to Sites > [site name] > Products > [product name] > Pricing tab.  Scroll down to the "Markup" section.
a.  If you are using a pricing calculator with multiple quantities in use, please select which of the quantities to apply the mark up (Q1 through Q5).
b.  Click on the "+ Add New Markup Range" link.
c.  Markups may be defined by range. For example, if the quantity is between 1 and 1000 you may want to markup the cost by 20%. But if the quantity is between 1001 and 5000 you may want to markup the cost by 15%.  Enter the "From Quantity", the "To Quantity" and the Markup percent (without the % symbol) for that range and click on the checkmark.
d.  Repeat this process for any additional quantity ranges to which you would like to apply a mark up.
e.  Save.