When I enter multiple spaces in a drop down selection only one is used. Is there a way to use multiple spaces for text generated from a drop down list?

By default the system will ignore multiple spaces between words from a drop down list. If you need to have multiple spaces between words preserved you can do that using two fields, one as a drop down list and one as a field script. 
Setup for the first field:
Field Type: Text - User Entry
Data Capture: User Control Type - Drop Down List
List Options: Enter each list option followed by the pipe symbol | and a letter. Should look something like this:
One Space|A
Two Spaces|B
Three Spaces|C
Format: Field Usage - Hide Field
Setup for the second field:
Field Type: Text - Field Scripting
Field Script should read something like this:
Choose(FieldName, "A|City State|B|City  State|C|City   State|D|City    State","")
FieldName = Drop down field setup above.
Use the script   to enter in additional spaces to be preserved. In this example the words City and State will be more and more spaces apart.