Error in Adobe Acrobat: Insufficient Data for an Image

Certain PDFs created out of eDocBuilder report "Insufficient Data for an Image" when viewed in:
  • older versions (9.x) of Acrobat Pro
  • older versions of Adobe Reader
  • THE MOST CURRENT VERSION Of Acrobat CS (at time of writing 6-3-15)
Those same PDFs appear to view fine in:
  • Adobe Reader XI
  • Any non-Adobe PDF software (such as Nitro)
The problem is in the Adobe software and not in the PDF itself. It seems to be related to certain types of JPG images. Doing a search on the Adobe Communities site you will find many entries for "insufficient data for an image" .
Customers who have run into this problem have had to re-save the images and re-upload them to the template so that they can open them in the products that are having the trouble.
Long term solutions: 
Try another acrobat editing tool, or another version of Adobe's Acrobat products.One to try that we have seen success with is Nitro ( They have a free trial that you may want to try. There are many other Acrobat tools out there... this is just what we know of here in support.
Another idea would be to use our Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) tool (free to Enterprise users) along with tFlow by Tucanna ( Here is a link to information on that tool and AWI:
To view a webinar discussing the integration of both products, Go to: (complete the form request at the bottom of the page). You are looking for the following webinar title: 
Learn How to Automate your Web to Print Workflow with Tucanna and Aleyant
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