Can I integrate a mapping service (Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.), with eDocBuilder?

Question: Is there any current ability to integrate mapping services via an API (Google, MapQuest, etc.). This would be for both traditional Form Based and Interactive eDoc Builder products.
I'm Looking for various options provided by mapping services, including single address map generation (with an option to indicate location with a star) and point to point mapping between two addresses (with an option to highlight the route).
Answer: There is no tight integration possible between eDoc and any mapping API at this time. Two possibilities come to mind, however:

1. If you care to write your own external program to interact with the mapping API, download the images to your own computer and name them appropriately, and then either upload them to to the template or use the eDoc API to upload them to a session folder, then you can use VBScripted fields to incorporate those images in your template.

2. If the mapping API allows using a single GET request with everything specified in the URL, something like (example), then a VBScripted field could pull in an appropriate image from the API. But if it requires a POST or requires an API key sent in the header, not possible.