Aleyant Policy Regarding Collection of Credit Card and Sensitive Information on Pressero Sites or eDocBuilder Templates

We do not store any credit card information for your customers.  However, you can allow your users to pay via credit card on a Pressero site by using one of our integrated payment methods.  Please see this section of our user manual for a list of the available credit card processing options:  Setting up your Payment Methods
Collection of a customer's credit card information or other sensitive information (such as checking account information, social security number, etc.) via a form on your site or in an eDocBuilder template is expressly prohibited by our End User License Agreement.  You can see that agreement here:  Specifically see number 4 where it says, "You agree not to store any sensitive Customer Data, such account numbers, in the Service."  We reserve the right to remove from your site any forms or templates intended to collect such sensitive information from your customers.