Alternatives to Aleyant eMail Hosting

There are many excellent email hosting companies available for you to use.  A quick google search of “email hosting” will provide many results.  Here are some options you should consider:
  • Zoho.  Zoho has a good reputation and offers email hosting for up to 10 accounts for free.  They are, of course, hoping you will grow beyond 10 accounts and will want to upgrade to additional services they offer.  But as long as you stay within their basic free plan you should incur no charges. See this article on steps to transfer your Smartermail email account to one hosted by Zoho.
  • Google.  Google bundles in email, storage, Docs, and more into a single offering.  There is a per user fee.  This is the service that Aleyant employees will migrate to.  As a business owner, I am not thrilled about the extra expense, however, I do feel that access to their entire toolset for my staff will result in a positive ROI.
  • Rackspace.  Rackspace is a highly trusted provider of IT services.  Their email service has a relatively low per user fee, while providing a great deal of storage (25 GB) per account.
  • Siteground.  Siteground is a very low cost but reasonably respected web hosting company.  Their basic hosting plan does offer unlimited email accounts.