How do I purge sessions manually to lower my storage?

If you need to lower your storage usage in eDocBuilder one way to do that is to remove sessions you know you will not need. Each time a template is accessed it creates a new session. These sessions are purged automatically by the system (when sessions are purged is determined by the settings in the account, see Ch. 025a Storage Tab for more details) but if you know you don't need it you can remove it before the preset time of the purge occurs. 

To purge a session first go to the Orders tab at the top of eDocBuilder to the right of Color Palettes. Then click the Columns drop down on the right and choose Purge (you may also want to select Storage and Purged?) Click Apply to display the selected columns.



If a session has already been purged you will see it checked under the Purged? column. The Storage column will indicate how much storage that session is taking up. Finally to purge the session simply click the Purge button. 

Important: eDocBuilder automatically REMOVES purged sessions older than six months.