Can fields on my template be automatically populated based on the user that is viewing this template?

Yes, this is supported in a limited fashion.  You can set a profile field type on the Data Capture tab of each field.  

For Pressero, some autofill options are fed by the user's Profile, while others are fed by the storefront's shipto Address Book (if available). A few autofill options will use the Address Book only if the user's Profile is blank for that field. Here are the fields fed by Pressero and where the data is located (the user's Profile or their Address Book):

  • First Name (Profile)
  • Last Name (Profile)
  • Full Name (Profile) (Combination of First and Last in the User Profile)
  • Job Title #1 (Profile)
  • Company (Address Book) (Locations & Departments > Locations > Business Name)
  • Department (Locations & Departments > Departments)
  • Address 1 (Address Book) 
  • Address 2 (Address Book)
  • Address 3 (Address Book)
  • City (Address Book)
  • State or Province(Address Book)
  • Postal Code (Address Book)
  • Email (Profile)
  • Business Phone (Profile 1st, if none then Address Book)
  • Fax Phone (Profile Profile 1st, if none then Address Book)
  • Website

In addition to being fully integrated into Pressero, eDocBuilder is also used with other e-commerce software products. As a result, the Profile Field Type menu contains a few extra fields not currently being used by Pressero:

  • Middle Name
  • Job Title #2
  • Country
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Pager
  • Sequence Count