On my business card template, how can I have the phone numbers line up and start at the same spot after each phone number label of varying lengths?

You can specify a specific width for a block of text. For example, if you have three phone
numbers (phone, mobile, fax) to list together on a business card, you may want to have them
set up so that the numbers are aligned. Without the fixedwidth attribute, it would look like this:

However, by adding the fixedwidth attribute, you can make the phone numbers align. Here is
an example of what you could put in the field scripting area, if “phone,” “mobile,” and “fax” are
all field names in your template. This would set the part of the line in the STYLERUN area to
be in a space of fixed width. (Note: Line breaks are added only for clarity; you would not type
them into the editor box, or you would get extra blank lines in your text.)

{{<STYLERUN fixedwidth="23">Phone:</STYLERUN>@phone@<br>}}
{{<STYLERUN fixedwidth="23">Mobile:</STYLERUN>@mobile@<br>}}
{{<STYLERUN fixedwidth="23">Fax:</STYLERUN>@fax@}}

Using this fixedwidth attribute would result in a phone number block that looks like this: