Changes to FTP access settings for v6 customers

Clients who are using custom skinning on their Pressero sites are issued login credentials to the Pressero FTP server for skin modifications. We also setup FTP access for clients wishing to directly access, for instance, their Uploads folder, or Webfiles folder for hosting various other files on their site.
As of July 11, 2016, all users wishing to connect to our FTP server with an FTP client should connect to* If you wish to customize this hostname, create a CNAME in DNS that points to this.
Your customers that use FTP clients must log in using a username in the format user@site, where user is the username you have created for them and site is the primary domain name of the site you have chosen in General Settings > General > Site for FTP and Proofs.
*This is for customers hosted in our Chicago datacenter. For those hosted in Amsterdam, it would be; for those hosted in Singapore, it would be
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