How do I Show Per Piece Price to show Each price on spreadsheet method pricing engine?

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Using Show Per Piece Price to show Each price
If you want to use the function "Show Per Piece Price" that displays the cost of each individual item for an order you must setup the spreadsheet calculator to do that.
Setting up the spreadsheet:
Just like the cost and weight there needs to be a spot for Each on the spreadsheet. There needs to be a cell for the label and a cell for the output. On the spreadsheet add a cell for "Each" under the weight, then add a cell for the output. The output cell will be different than the weight and cost cells. With those cells you see the same numbers you will see once you are running the pricing engine. The each cell works differently. The each cell needs only to know the quantity. In the example provided this is the number that is entered in for "Copies" So you can see the cell points to the number that is entered in for copies. When the spreadsheet is used on your site Pressero will use this number and the total cost to figure out the cost per each. 
Setting up the pricing engine in Pressero:
With the spreadsheet setup you will need to add the output for each to the Output Cells as well. Add it below the weight output cell. Finally when both testing and using your pricing engine on a live product you will need to be sure to check off "Show Per Piece Price" this will include the line for Each with the Total and the Weight.
As with any changes be sure to click SAVE before leaving the pages. 
Example spreadsheet:
Please see the reference excel sheet for testing results Spreadsheet(per piece price).xlsx