What is an eDocBuilder Transaction, and when does it occur?

What is an eDocBuilder transaction?

eDocBuilder standalone subscriptions (integrations via iFrame, API, Prestashop, etc.) include a set number of free transactions per month. Transactions that exceed the limit incur an extra charge. These are detailed in the order form you were sent when you signed up for the service.

When does a transaction occur?

A transaction is recorded when you generate the final PDF production file, not when your customer uses a template or places an order. The final PDF is generated by you or your staff clicking the Generate button for an item listed in the Orders tab of eDocBuilder Admin (or the same via the API). So clicking the Generate button equals a transaction under your eDocBuilder subscription.

Note: When eDocBuilder is used within a Pressero subscription, there is no limit to the number of transactions.

Is there a transaction counter?

The list in the Orders tab shows completed sessions. That is your log of transactions.

Can I test my templates final PDF production file without incurring a transaction?

No, a transaction occurs whenever the Generate button is clicked, whether for testing or not. In practice however, this never turns out to be an issue. If you get charged for extra transactions in the first two months and it's caused by your testing you can request a credit via support.