How do I use the MailChimp Integration?

The Pressero/Mailchimp integration will allow you to push Users in any of your Pressero storefronts into any of the mailing lists you have created in MailChimp.  To set up the integration, please follow these instructions:
1)  If you do not already have one, go to and create an account.  Log into your account.
2)  Create a list. To Do this, you will:
    a.  Click on the Lists menu on the left hand side of the screen.  You will be directed to the Lists page.  
    b.  Then click, "Create List."  
    c.  Go through the steps of creating a List and Save.  Please see this link on the Mailchimp site for assistance in creating lists:
3)  Get an API key for your account.  To do this:
    a.  Click on your account name on the left hand side of the screen below the MailChimp logo.  This will open up your account menu.
    b.  After being directed to your Account page, click on Extras > API Keys.
    c.  You will be directed to your API page.  Click on the "Create a Key" button.
    d.  A key will be added to your lists.  Copy the API Key.
4.  Connect Pressero to your MailChimp account with your API key.  To do this:
    a.  Log into your Pressero admin area.  Go to Sites > [site name] > User Management > Site Users. Go to the gear icon at the upper-left of the user listing and choose Mailchimp Integration.
    b.  Paste your API key into the  MailChimp API Key field and click the Connect to MailChimp button.
    c.  Your MailChimp lists should appear.  Select the list you would like to export to, then click the Export users to MailChimp button.
    d.  You will now see your site users have been added to the list in MailChimp.