Does the Forms Based eDocBuilder have a resolution check? I don't see the options for it.

Currently if you use advanced image upload option in the forms based template, it will only allow the customer to crop the image to a size that will produce a 300 DPI or greater image quality. It is not the same as the interactive designer, but it does have some help in keeping them from uploading a quality image and cropping it so small that it is no longer of good quality.
We have a few suggestions to help customers make good image choices: 
  1. Indicate the required DPI in the image prompt you display in the template. I.e. "Upload your 300 DPI or greater image here."
  2. Include a warning in the approval text that the customer must confirm when they are done with the customization. I.e. "I have verified that all images are of print quality (300 DPI or greater) and I understand that any images that are lower than 300 DPI may print poorly." This will cover you from the cost of reprinting the job if they are not happy with the image results.