When I use a stylerun and a font tag together in a field script, why does the result look incorrect?

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When using a font tag and a stylerun tag together in a field script, make sure to put the font tag outside of the stylerun tag.  See examples below for further clarification.
I want to use fixed width for the title of a phone field.  I want the title to be in a different font than the phone number.
Incorrect syntax:
{{<STYLERUN fixedwidth="26"><font face="MyriadPro-Bold.otf">@phphoneAtitle@</font></STYLERUN>@phphoneA@<br/>}}
This resulted in the phone title being pushed over to the right instead of left aligned according to the formatting of the field.
Correct Syntax:
{{<font face="MyriadPro-Bold.otf"><STYLERUN fixedwidth="26">@phphoneAtitle@</STYLERUN></font>@phphoneA@<br/>}}
Note that the font tags have been placed outside of the stylerun tags.  This resulted in the correct behavior/appearance on the template.