Ch. 008a. Template Assets - Background Files

There may be times you will want your users to be able to quickly choose a background image and/or background color. The Background Files area allows you to quickly setup many images and colors for your users to choose from to customize their template.

Note: This feature is only available in Interactive Designer templates.

Image Files

If you would like an image file to be selected on your template as a new background, then you will need to upload it to the Background File section of the assets area or Image Library. Image files can be any of these file formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, JPG, AI, SVG, WMF. EPS and PSD files are supported in a limited fashion. Most EPS files and some PSD files will work. However, it's best to test the file individually to determine if it will work or not.) For PDF files, only the first page will be used. (If you choose to upload PDF files, please make sure to flatten them first to remove transparency. Instructions on how to flatten a PDF file can be found here: Building the master PDF.)

To upload a background image file for a template, expand the Background Files area in the template's Assets tab. Click "+ Upload Background Files" and then choose one or more files, or drag and drop files from your computer.

After you've uploaded one or more background files, place a checkmark next to each image that you would like to enable for use in this template. You can enable both images uploaded in this area and image files uploaded in eDocBuilder's Library tab. Use the "Check All" and "Uncheck All" buttons to easily select or deselect all images. To delete image files that you have uploaded to this template, place a checkmark next to it and click "Delete Selected Files." When you are done making any changes to the Background Files area, click "Save Background Files Options."

Background Options

You may decide to give the options of changing a solid color as the background of your template. You have a choice to either use a color palette you create, a CMYK color selector, or RGB color selector. To assign a color palette you create, you must first setup the color palette (see Ch. 024 Color Palettes for more details on setting up color palettes) Select the color palette you want available for this template from the drop-down menu and make sure to check off "Allow solid color as background, using this palette." If you want to allow your customer to select a color from a color selection area in CMYK and/or RGB space to select the appropriate boxes within the Background Options area in this section.

Per-page options

This control allows you to select what page or all pages of the document the background selection is available for. The control defaults to "All pages". Select either the page you want or "All pages" from the drop-down menu. Then click "Set page options". If you are setting up individual pages you continue to set the page background selection, then the page and then click "Set page options".

Once you have made all selections for the Background Files section be sure to click "Save Background Files Options"

Using the Background Files in the template

The top field on the template customization page will be "Background Options" Expanding this will show any background image or the color palette you have selected. You may also click the background icon at the top of the template at any time to open the "Background Options" area. Once in the Background Images area simply click the image and/or color option to switch between backgrounds.

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