Ch. 050b Products: Artwork Tab

Artwork Tab

Image Gallery 

The Image Gallery allows you to provide multiple images for each product, choose a primary image, set their order and view them in a gallery mode that is compatible with all device sizes.

Custom Skinning Warning

The Image Gallery was added September 2017. If your site is using a custom skin that is not updated to include the new image gallery functionality an error will show including a link with upgrade instructions. The upgrade instructions are here.

Uploading Multiple Product Images

Uploading multiple product images at once is easy. Just click the upload button and use the modal to drag and drop images or select files through your operating systems file menu.

Acceptable file type includes .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp. For best results upload images larger than 800px on each side.

Setting the Primary Image

The primary image is the first image to show in the gallery on your site.

The star icon can be clicked to set the primary image. The primary will always be on top, cannot be deleted and cannot be dragged. To delete a primary image you must set another primary image first.

Setting Image Order

To change how the order of the images will appear in the gallery use the handle icons to drag and drop each image vertically.

Image Gallery Preview

The image gallery functionality that is shown in Pressero admin is the same functionality that will be shown on the site. The is a perfect way to view your gallery before saving the product changes.

The primary image, or the image currently chosen in the gallery can be zoomed for a full screen view.

Deleting Images

To delete a product image just click the trash icon. A modal will appear to confirm your decision.

Deleting images cannot be undone. If you delete an image here it is not saved anywhere on our server and will need to be re-uploaded.

Image Gallery on Site

Here is an example of how the image gallery will appear on the site.


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