Why is my site running slow?

There are several reasons a site may be running slowly (your server connection, number of images or products displaying on the home page, third party objects, etc.)  but for the most part your Pressero site should load within a few seconds. If it is not, a first rule of thumb is to check if you have any broken feeds on your site.
A broken RSS or Twitter Feed could cause a huge delay in the initial load times. This is the first thing you should check. There are many feed validators available online that you can use, or simply remove the feed and test your site to see if that resolved the problem.
If you experience consistent slow load times and cannot determine the cause, please submit a support ticket to us with as much information as you have gathered on your own. 
Helpful things for us to know or have for an easier diagnosis:
  • Is it slow on the initial load only? 
  • What page(s) do you see this most often?
  • Does it appear to be browser specific? 
  • Is this a recent change?
  • Are other sites running quickly for you? 
  • Can you provide a video? We use Jing, a freeware tool that makes this very easy to do: http://www.techsmith.com/download/jing/
  • What are you considering slow, how many seconds/minutes to load? 
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