Can I have multiple image fields be populated based on a single selection in a dropdown list?

In a standard forms based template, you can have the user make a selection in a drop down menu, and based on that selection various image fields would be populated.  You would need a field on the master pdf for the dropdown list and one for each image field. The fields would be set up like this:

Field one - contains the question/dropdown menu

  • Field type tab - text coming from user entry
  • Format tab - Field usage should be set to "Hide Field"
  • Data capture tab - User control type = dropdown list
    • The List options would look like this:
      • A|A
      • B|B
    • The initial A and B would need to be replaced by the options you would like the user to see/select.

Field two - contains the image

  • Field type tab - image coming from static text or field scripting
  • Field Scripting tab - Set the script type to be VB.  The script would look like this:
    Choose(FieldOne, "A|ImageOne|B|ImageTwo", "")
  • You would replace FieldOne with the name of the field containing the dropdownlist.
  • You would replace ImageOne and ImageTwo with the names of the images you want to populate the field.  Note that you do not want to use the file extension.  The image names are case sensitive and must be exact.
  • The images would need to be uploaded to the graphic files area of the template - NOT the image picker area.
Each subsequent image field would be set up in the exact same manner as Field two. 
Note: Do not copy and paste the VB script sample directly from your web browser into eDocBuilder, as the formatting used to display it in your browser may also be copied and may make your script work incorrectly. Please first paste the script into a plain text editor (such as Notepad). Then copy the script from the plain text editor and paste it into the Field Scripting tab of your field in eDocBuilder.