Adding Sites: Error - “Unable to create new site.”

Make sure you have filled out all the information. If the URL (Domain Name) you have chosen is already in use you will not be able to use it with a new Site.

  1. If you have already created a site with the same URL (a Domain Name like, you must choose a different URL.
  2. If the site using the desired URL was one you deleted, open the Deleted Sites. For a URL that is say, "", in Settings > Domains, add a New Domain Name like "". Select the new domain and click Set as Primary Domain. The old URL can now be selected and deleted using the X button. The old URL is no longer in the system and can be used for another Site.
  3. The site name has a character limit of 50 characters. If the name entered is longer than 50 characters you will see this message. 
Also, review this article: Ch. 027. Create a New Site