My site has been successfully processing credit card transactions for some time, but is now showing errors on checkout?

Advanced Payment Methods in Pressero have been updated for improved security to allow the payment provider to better verify payment information associated with transactions placed on Pressero sites.
It is important that the billing address being sent with the transaction to the payments provider match the address associated to the credit card being used for that transaction. This could mean that Pressero site accounts that could successfully process transactions prior to this change are now showing errors on checkout.
Please verify the site settings being used to determine what billing address is getting communicated to the payments provider, to confirm that the correct address is being sent with the transaction. This can be setup in different ways depending on what type of Pressero site it is, and what settings are being used.
For security purposes, only a general error is shown at checkout when a merchant provider declines a transaction. Please open a ticket to us at Submit Ticket and we can verify the response from the merchant provider for that transaction and confirm if it is an address mismatch.