Can I use Pressero email hosting?

Please note: As of 4-1-15 E-mail hosting will no longer be available through Aleyant. If you are currently using our e-mail service you should have received information about this change. Please create a ticket for our support team if you need any assistance.  
Pressero account packages include email hosting. In order to host email through Pressero, the domain must be enabled on our servers, DNS changes must be made to your existing domain, and those DNS changes must have finished propagating completely before the service will be available.
Please open a ticket to us at Submit Ticket before making any DNS or email changes to a remotely hosted domain that you intend to use with your Pressero sites, we are happy to review and give you any recommendations that we can, but we cannot make changes to a domain that is not hosted on the Aleyant nameservers.
  • DNS changes can take up to 24-48 hours to finish propagating across the internet once they are made.
  • Disruption to your existing online services, web, and email for that domain may happen during that period. 
  • You will need access to your domain registrar account that has the nameservers and DNS zone settings for your domain name.
  • You might need access to one of the the email account addresses that is registered to your domain name if you do not have access to the domain registrar account. 
A domain has at least one Mail Exchange, or MX record that must be set to A CNAME of mail and a CNAME of webmail pointing to will allow for mail.yourdomainname.* and webmail.yourdomainname.* to point to our webmail interface.
We cannot make changes to DNS that is hosted on other providers, but we do offer DNS hosting on the Aleyant nameservers as part of your Pressero account. So it is possible to switch technical management of your domain name to us, but this does involve changing the nameserver settings on your domain name through the registrar account.
For .net, .com, and .org names the Network Solutions WHOIS utility can help you identify what the registrant information is that is associated to your domain name, such as the email address, and what the nameservers for that domain name are. You may need to search your domain name on a WHOIS tool for that domain extension, such as in the case of a specific country, such as Brazil or Malaysia. Not finding a particular domain name when doing a WHOIS check does not indicate the availability of that domain name.
DNS hosting is included with your Pressero account at no charge, and we are manage the DNS zones for many of our clients. Please open a support ticket to us if you would like us to host DNS for your domain, or if you have any questions about these hosting changes. DNS, email and domain hosting is new to most of our clients here at Pressero, and we would like any transitions to be successful for you.
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