Can Pressero integrate with a Procurement System?

Pressero supports the level 1 cXML PunchOut process for integration with procurement systems like Coupa or Oracle. If your customer uses a procurement system and would like to integrate with the Pressero B2B storefront you provide to them, cXML PunchOut is the most common mechanism. 

You can get detailed information by going to this article: cXML PunchOut

Process Overview:
  1. The user starts from the procurement system, which then sends them into the Pressero site (where they will be automatically logged in).
  2. The user goes through the normal Pressero ordering/checkout process.
  3. When they check out, they are automatically redirected back to the procurement system. The order is entered into Pressero with the status of Estimate Request (not Order Received). The Pressero site also sends the contents of the order to the procurement system.
  4. Your client will approve the order in the procurement system.
  5. When the order has been approved in the procurement system, that system will send a notification (called a "cXML PO request" to Pressero, which will transform the Estimate Request into an order and kick off any subsequent events, like order received notification emails and production file generation. Please note that the PO request sent from the procurement system can only approve the estimate request.  It can not edit the estimate request.