What is OpenFrame?
Pressero's OpenFrame allows specialized products from a 3rd party software or service vendor (mailing list vendors, PDF book compilers, etc.) to be ordered from within a Pressero storefront. When you turn on the Pressero OpenFrame option for a product, it allows a page from a 3rd party website to be shown inside an iFrame on the product detail page. The 3rd party's website or webpage will effectively fill up the product page displayed in your store, replacing the pricing engine, descriptions and other standard functionality within the content area of the Pressero product detail page.
How do I enable OpenFrame?
The OpenFrame check box option is located on the Sites > Product > General Settings tab. After selecting this option, an input field will display for you to enter the Open Frame URL that your 3rd party software or service vendor will provide. This URL will be used for the "src" attribute of the iFrame.
What does my vendor need to know?
Not just any webpage can be referenced. The 3rd party site must comply with a few strict rules to inter-operate correctly with Pressero:
  1. When Pressero opens the 3rd party site inside the iFrame on the product page, it will append a postback URL as a URL parameter to the iFrame. The URL parameter name is "postbackurl".
  2. When the user is finished on the 3rd party site, it will need to retrieve the postback URL from the query string then perform an http(s) postback to the URL.
  3. In the postback, the 3rd party can return the key/value parameters in the table below.
  4. Once Pressero receives the postback data from the 3rd party, it will then use that information to build cart details and redirect the user from the product detail page to the cart page.
Name Required? Type Notes
Quantity Yes Integer The quantity number stored in Pressero.
Weight Yes Decimal The weight that Pressero uses for shipping calculations.
Price Yes Decimal The unit price that Pressero uses for the item in the cart.
Identifier No String The identifying text that Pressero uses for the item.
Special_Instructions No String The instructions text that Pressero will assign to the item.
Edit_URL No String URL that Pressero should open if the buyer wants to edit the item after adding it to the cart. If this URL is not specified, the buyer will be able to delete the item from the cart, but not edit it.
ReOrder_URL No String
URL that Pressero should use if the buyer wants to reorder the item at a later point. If this URL is not specified, the buyer will not be able to automatically place a reorder of the item.
The ReOrder_URL should return all values as a query string containing the values in a URL Encoded format. This includes the Edit_URL and and HighRes_URL. See example below:


Thumbnail_URL No String Thumbnail of image that Pressero can use in the cart and email notifications. The standard product image will be used if this URL is not specified.
HighRes_URL No String URL to file for Pressero to retrieve and attach to the order. This file will only be retrieved if the order is successfully approved (if needed) and paid for (unless an Open Terms payment method is utilized).
iFrame Example
<iframe id="openframeid" class="open-frame-iframe" src="https://www.3rdparty.com/?postbackurl=http%3a%2f%2fmypresserosite.v5.pressero.com%2fproduct%2fedoc-forms%3fopenframeAction%3dedit%26oid%3d00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000%26IsSavedForLater%3dFalse&amp;cancelurl=http%3a%2f%2fmypresserosite.v5.pressero.com%2fproduct%2fedoc-forms%3fopenframeAction%3dcancel"></iframe>
When creating an OpenFrame site, please consider http vs https requirements to maintain security and avoid browser security warnings. It is up to the 3rd party site to correctly secure data being passed to it from the user through the iFrame by providing a valid SSL certificate. If your Pressero site is using https then your iFrame URL must be https to avoid any browser warnings.

Please note that we are unable to provide free technical support to your vendor on creating Open Frame compatible sites, beyond what is already included in this article.