Importing Products using an Excel file

Is there a way to setup the products in my store by using an Excel file upload?
Yes, we have an Excel file template that can be used for the basic product setup. You may still need to do additional setup fine-tuning on the products afterwards. Contact Support to have the Excel template sent to you.
Import by Aleyant for a Fee
The import must be done by Aleyant and there is a fee for the import regardless of whether it is one product, 100 or 1,000 products.
Garbage Data = Import Failure
It's important to keep in mind that the Pressero database is very picky about the data it will accept. For example, if you specify that the product should belong to a Category but that Category does not exist or is spelled differently or has a different upper/lower case, the import will fail. After you have corrected the data, a second upload will be needed.  This will result in a higher fee for the import
Common Questions
1. Can I specify a generic pricing engine for the product and then just change that after all the products are uploaded?
Yes, but you need to make sure the price engine already exists and is spelled exactly the same including case. Any and all of the product setup data can be changed after the product is created.
2. Does the import work for products that are going to use eDoc Builder?
Yes, the basic product setup will work, but you'll need to manually link the eDoc template to the product the same as you would otherwise.
3. Do I need to create Categories first? 
Yes, the Categories must already exist or the import will fail and you'll lose the import fee.
4. Do the product Images I am specifying by URL need to exist?  
Yes, the images must already exist, the links to them must be accurate, and not require a login. Otherwise the import will fail.
4. The spreadsheet is asking for urls, should they be complete urls? or should they just be what would normally be entered in the admin?
It depends. The Category URL should be the same as you see in the Pressero Admin Category setup. And it must already exist or the import will fail. Product or Asset URLs must be full including the "http://" portion. Product name URL should be the same as you see in the Pressero Admin Product setup page.