Automated archiving of Pressero orders and job files

I want to delete order files from Pressero to free up storage space. Is there a way to automatically archive the job files somewhere else?

Automated Archiving Option 1

Yes, the most hands-free workflow solution uses the Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) together with an application such as the very affordable Syncovery AWI automatically retrieves the orders and job files from Pressero and places them into a hotfolder being watched by the Syncovery application. Syncovery can them archive the files to a network device or even the cloud. Mac, Windows and Linux re supported by both AWI and Syncovery.

Automated Archiving Option 2

Alternatively, you can manually download job files from Pressero to a hotfolder and have Syncovery archive them as above.

Auto Deletion?

Will orders and their files be deleted from Pressero after downloading?
No, orders and their files are not deleted upon download or retrieval. The order history and the files the customer has sent, together with any created by eDocBuilder templates, will remain in both the store's Order History (so your customers can use them to place Reorders), and in the Pressero Admin "Orders" area. There is no expiration time limit for the order data, but attached files will remain until you delete them manually, or 10 years, whichever comes first.
How can I delete order files to avoid exceeding my storage limit?