Does Pressero have a quoting system?

At this time, Pressero does not have a direct quoting system. However, there are several items that are available to help provide estimates to customers:
1) Pricing engines provide real-time online quotes to your clients. We added a feature that allows you to give your customers the option to print an estimate from a product page. You can read more about that in the "Allow Users to Print Estimates" section of this blog post:
As well as here in our documentation:
2) If you need to provide a quote for a custom job that can't be priced through one of your pricing engines, you would want to set up a form to allow your customer to enter all the relevant information and have those specs sent to you via email. This article describes how to create forms: Ch. 019. Forms. You would then assign the form to a page in Site > Pages > [specific page] > "Forms" tab, and make sure the page is in at least one of your site's navigation menus (Site > Navigation) so that users can find the page and submit information.