Are the Pressero websites Javascript compatible?

Are the Pressero websites Javascript compatible? We would really like to be able to integrate tabbed sections into our product pages using javascript, but I've seen the big red warnings on the in the Page menus, so I've avoided it.
The Pressero storefront is entirely based on jquery, which is a javascript library. The challenge is that you can't just copy in any javascript snipet and expect it to work.  Knowledge of the site's html structure and other javascript libraries already on the site are crucial. This is not a limitation of Pressero… this is just how websites work.
The warnings are there because we had several customers disable their sites by adding in bad javascript.  But if you know what you are doing, there are some great possibilities.  There are some things that are not feasible using the editor built into Pressero, like the tabbed sections, and would require a developer to make the product updates using a custom skin. As you might guess, we strongly recommend you create a custom skin for any site that will require extensive javascripting.