The Image Library page is eDocBuilder's centralized storage area for image files. Images that you upload in this page can be accessed by each template in your eDocBuilder account. This eliminates the need to upload the same files to multiple templates.

Note: This does not mean that images uploaded to the image library are available to your customers in every template; you control which images are available for use on a per-template basis.

The Image Library is simply an easy way to upload and store files that will be used by more than one template.

In the Image Library page, upload one or more image files to make them accessible to all templates. You can select multiple files at once from the dialog box after clicking “Select”. To delete images from the library, check the box next to them, and click “Delete Selected.”

Once you have uploaded images to the Image Library, you can enable them on a template-by-template basis. Go to the Assets area of your template, and expand the Fonts, Graphic Files, Background Files, and/or Image Picker Groups sections. Place check marks next to any fonts or images that you would like to allow your customer to use in this template, or click “Check All” to select everything in the Library. Make sure to click the “Save” button for the specific section and Commit Changes in the Field Setup area.

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