Ch. 001. Before You Begin

Before You Begin

In this chapter:


When using the Admin area, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. These browsers respond faster than Safari or Internet Explorer. Firefox works best for the Report Writer found under the Tools menu. 

Directions Format 

For directions to a specific area of the Pressero Admin, we will use the shorthand “Main Area Name > Control > tab” to indicate how to get to a specific area.

  • Example 1, “Preferences > General Settings > Logo” means to click Preferences in the Pressero Admin, then click General Settings, then scroll to the Logo section. 

  • Example 2: "Sites > [Select Site] > User Management > Site Users > [Select User] > Edit User > Additional Information > Default P.O. Number" means click Sites in the Pressero Admin, select the name of the site, select User Management, scroll to find the user and click the pencil icon to Edit, then scroll down to the Additional Information section to locate the Default P.O. Number field. 

Controls specific to retail storefronts will be marked (B2C). Controls specific to Customer Storefronts will be marked (B2B). 

Seeing Changes in Your Website - Directions to Clear Cache 

Changes you make in the Admin area to the skin, product images, pricing, etc. are cached and will display in your storefront/website within two minutes up to six hours after saving the change. However, if you don't want to wait, simply add /clearcache at the end of the storefront's URL, click the "Clear Cache" button on that page, and then use the browser refresh button. 

For example, on the sites: and you would go to the pages: and respectively. 

The exact time for a change to display depends on several factors, including how often a store's page is used and how much processing time it takes to create. For example, the navigation menus are very database intensive as the system investigates hierarchy and the specific permissions of the user. We aggressively cache to optimize the user experience, but there can still be a many minute (or longer) delay at times. 

Also be aware that browsers cache (save) web page style sheet settings too, so if you don't see Skin or color changes reflected in the storefront/website after saving these changes, try clearing your browser's cache (quitting your browser and restarting does the same thing), or use the /clearcache trick above. 

Errors, Bugs, and other Vermin 

If you experience an error or think there is a bug, please let us know. We'll get it looked into and addressed. Please include the details (the control area used, the steps to reproduce to error, the name of the skin, the browser used, a screenshot, etc.) to help us see the exact issue you are reporting.