How can I allow my clients to save items for a later purchase?

Pressero offers a helpful feature called “Saved for Later,” the ability to allow your customers to check out some of the items in their shopping carts and save other items for a later purchase.

To Enable Saved for Later

The first step in allowing your web-to-print clients to save items in their cart for a later purchase is to select “Enable Saved for Later” in Site > Settings > General Info tab > Site Basics area. Click “Save” when you are finished. Please see the documentation for the Site > Settings area for more more detail on activating Save for Later: Ch. 030. Site Basics

If you would like to add instructions for your customer to the Saved for Later page, you can do so in Site > Settings > Instructions tab. Select “Saved for Later Instructions” from the dropdown menu; then enter any text or images that you would like to display to your customer on that page. Click “Save” when you are finished.
Your client will be able to access their Saved for Later items via their shopping cart page. However, you can also add a direct link to the Saved for Later page in one or more of the site’s navigation menus. To do this, go to Site > Navigation. Expand the “Standard Items” folder on the right side of the page; drag and drop “Save for Later” from that folder to a navigation menu on the left. Click “Save” when you are finished.

Your Clients’ Experience with Saved for Later

Once you’ve enabled Saved for Later on your site, your clients will see three links next to each item in their shopping cart: Save for Later, Edit, and Remove. If they click the Save for Later link, the item will be moved from the shopping cart to the Saved for Later page. On that page, the item will have these options:

  • Add to Cart – Click this link to move the item back to the cart to purchase it. NOTE: This option will not display for eDocBuilder items that have not been added to the cart yet. This prevents users from being able to order items without viewing a final preview and checking the box that says they approve the design.
  • Continue Design - This button is displayed for eDocBuilder items only. The user should use this button to continue designing the template or to finalize the order to move it to the cart. (Note: eDocBuilder templates have a maximum of 60 days to be available for editing. This could be shorter depending on the setting you have made within eDocBuilder storage area).
  • Edit Options or Quantity – The user should use this button to change the pricing engine options or quantity for the item.
  • Remove – Click here to delete the item from Saved for Later without adding it back to the shopping cart.
Whenever a user has at least one item that has been saved for later, a message will appear in their shopping cart reminding them that they have items saved for later and providing a convenient link to the Saved for Later page.

Your Experience with Saved for Later

In your admin area, you can see a report of all items that have been saved for later, and by whom. To access this report, go to Site > Open Carts. Place a check mark next to “Saved for Later Items” at the top of the page. Click the expand arrow next to a record to see detailed information about each saved for later item. Use the blue Open Cart Filter area to find specific items. Click the Excel or CSV icons to export the report in either of those formats.