Microtags SEO in Pressero

Microtags for Better SEO in Pressero

All product pages on B2C (retail) sites automatically include product microtags to help enhance your SEO. All the information for the microtags comes from the product data you enter in Site > Products > [specific product]. The microtags Pressero generates  include:
  • Product name – The product name entered in the product’s General tab
  • Price – Teaser price of the product (if you’ve configured one in the product’s General tab)
  • Price currency – Only included if you’ve configured a teaser price, the price currency microtag will be based on the culture selected in Site > Settings.)
  • Image – A URL to a medium-sized version of the image you’ve uploaded in the product’s Artwork tab)
  • Description – The short description (if any) that you have entered in the product’s Description tab
  • Category – The category that the product belongs to
The microtags assist search engines in categorizing your product pages. They are not visible to a customer unless they view the HTML source of the product page.
Again, this feature is automatic and does not require any additional setup on your part. The product setup you are already doing  is all that is needed to configure the settings listed above. If one of the items above is left blank, the microtag for that item will not be included in the product page.