Ch. 019 Testing Your Template

eDocBuilder offers a testing interface that allows you to see your document the same way the end user will see it. It is suggested that you always test your templates carefully before making them live in the site.

*Before testing make sure you have "Committed Changes" that you have made to the template. If you uploaded a new PDF you must commit changes as well, otherwise you will not see the new PDF that you have uploaded.

Locating the Testing Links

From the Templates page - Click the play icon next to the template image. If you choose to test from the template page by default a new window in your browser will open up and you will be brought to the template testing area immediately.

You can also test from inside the "Edit" area for the template. To do this, click on the "Test Template" link.  Be sure that if you made any changes that you have located a commit changes button and committed those changes you made!

If you want to test in a new window click the drop down arrow next to Test Template and click on Test in New Window.

Layout of the Forms based templates

  1. Field pane. List of field to be customized in this template.
  2. Page selection.
  3. Size. Change from Small to X-Large
  4. Preview of customized template
  5. Update Preview. Click this to update all the changes to the fields made.
  6. Finished Editing. Click when finished with the template.
  7. Cancel order. Cancels editing and does not send an order.

Layout of the Interactive Designer templates

  1. Field pane. List of fields to edit for this template
  2. Toggle field pane.
  3. Add Image
  4. Add Text
  5. Delete selected field
  6. Undo
  7. Redo
  8. Copy
  9. Paste
  10. Align multiple selected items
  11. Zoom
  12. View settings
  13. Finish editing
  14. Cancel editing
  15. Canvas area
  16. Change pages
  17. Upload assets
  18. View images, assets and third party libraries
  19. Expand and collapse page footer
  20. Pages list

Testing the Production File

In the Interactive Designer version - complete the prompts in the template and then click on the "Approve / Checkout" button at the top of the page. The next page will show you a proof. Click on the acceptance button at the bottom of the page and continue.

In the Forms Based version - After completing the required prompts, update preview and then select the "Finished Editing" button.

Downloading the Production File

To download and test the production file generated from your test, go to the "Orders" tab at the top of the page. If necessary click Generate, then click "Download production file".

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