Ch. 033b. Approval Requirement Setup (B2B sites)

Approval Settings

In Admin > [select site]Settings > General (tab) there are several sections of information that we need to gather so your site can behave the way you like. The last section, Approval, collects information to set up approvals in your B2B storefront if that feature is needed.

Note: Approvals are not available for B2C sites.


Return Files in History to Approvers - This checkbox allows a user with approval permissions to review files associated with the order.

Allow One Click Approvals - This checkbox allows a user with approval permissions to approve an order by clicking the link contained in the notification email. If a review of the actual order detail or eDoc template is not needed, this is a quick way an approval manager can approve orders. 

Allow Approver to Edit Orders - This checkbox will allow an approver to edit the orders placed. If this is not selected, an approver will only be able to approve or deny an order. Editing applies to all aspects of the order (amount ordered, uploads, customization of an eDoc template, etc.).

Default Approval Plan - Select the default approval plan required by users placing orders. This is site wide and can be overridden on a user basis when editing the user's record. 

Turn On 2 Layer Confirmation - By checking this box the approver who receives the approval email will have to click a second Approve box to confirm their choice. This second layer will also help to circumvent firewall issues where a customer’s firewall was automatically approving the email.

Denied Orders and Refunds - Please note that after an order is placed it will be entered into the Order detail area of the administrative area. The order will not be marked as approved. This is your indicator that the order is not yet ready to be fulfilled because it is waiting on approval. If the approver denies one or more of the items in an order, you will need to make adjustments to the amount of the order in the order detail (edit item and edit order) area. If the original user who placed the order applied the charges to their credit card, you will need to issue a refund. The Pressero system does not have a way to issue refunds but does make the fields available to you in the order detail so you can make sure the correct totals are recorded.

Allow Approver Comment -  This checkbox allows an approver to comment on approvals, and the comments added will be sent to the person that placed the order. You can check "How to configure and use Order Item Approval Comment" to get more details.

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