Rounding in Pressero

The Pressero system uses the Banker's Rounding approach for rounding dollar amounts.  This is also known as Rounding Half-to-Even. This rounding method is generally considered the best rounding method for money, and there is more information on this article about rounding methods.

For example, on a product with the sub-total price of $1.00, these tax rates would result in these totals.

Tax rate of 23.5% results in a total of $1.24
Tax rate of 24.5% results in a total of $1.24
Tax rate of 24.9% results in a total of $1.25

Note that the tax rates as entered in the Pressero Tax Profile being used by the site can be specified with up to three decimal places that will be used to calculate the tax rate. But the price of the order as shown in checkout on the Pressero site will always be rounded down according to the rounding method shown above.