Can I enter an order into a store for my customer?

You have two options for entering an order for your customer:
1)  Turn on user impersonation for your account.
a.  Go to Preferences > General Settings > General tab.  
b.  Click the box marked "Allow User Impersonation" and set a site master password.  Save.
c.  Go to Sites > [site name] > Site users
d.  You will see a blue arrow next to each user's name.  Click this arrow to log into the site as the user.
e.  Place the order.
(Please note: You cannot edit/update a site users profile information by logging into their account via Impersonation).

2)  Reset the user's password and login as the user.
a.  Change the user's password in Sites > [site name] > Site Users > [site user] > General Information tab, Save.
b.  Login as them and place the order.
c.  Tell the user their new password (they can change it).

The method above to place an order for your customer will vary based on how the store's checkout payment is setup:
  • Open Terms. If the store is set to use open terms (no credit card) simply place the order. The order details will be sent to the Pressero admin Orders area.
  • PayPal. If the store is set to use a standard PayPal account once you reach the PayPal payment area simply stop, close the PayPal window. The order details will be sent to the Pressero admin Orders area but will not be marked as paid.
  • In-Store Credit Card Payment. If the store is using the in-store credit card payment option (, PayPal Pro, Payflow Pro, etc.), a credit card will be required to place the order and this method may not be suitable. A workaround would be to add a second payment option to the store labeled "Request Quote" that simply places the order without payment (the Misc option in the Payments setup).