Ch. 016c Field Setup: Format for Barcode Fields

Many types of barcodes are supported in eDocBuilder. All barcodes are CMYK (or spot color) vector based for optimal print quality. You can use barcode generation in conjunction with database merging for true dynamic barcode creation.

Important things to note when using barcodes:

  • Make sure your form field area is large enough to allow for the entire barcode to display.
  • You will need to make sure you know and use the correct number of characters for the barcode in order for it to display properly.
  • Always print out a proof of the document with your barcode and test it before processing the job.
  • You will need the barcode font to be uploaded to the template assets..

At this time barcodes are not supported in the Interactive Designer version of eDocBuilder.

Color Palette: Refer to the chapter on Color Palettes for how to set your palettes. In this drop down you will choose which color palette you want to use (if any) for this particular field of text. This option will insure that the customer will only be able to choose from specific colors you want them to. This is great for situations such as stamps and thread where only certain colors are available.

Stacking Order: Specifies layering of text or image in relation to an image or other object. (This use of the word "stacking" has nothing to do with "stacking groups", described later.) You may set your fields on different layers for many different reasons. Setting a stacking order of -1 would put the field behind the background. an example of this might be a template with a frame image with the center set as transparent. You want the customer to upload an image and have it behind that background in your master PDF. You will also use this option if you are using the Overlay Option. An overlay must be on layers 101-110 and these layers have specifically been reserved for the overlays and must not be used otherwise. Options for stacking order:

  • -1 = below master PDF
  • 1-100 = normal fields
  • 101-110 = overlay fields - In Interactive Designer templates, these fields cannot be edited by the user and will always appear over user-added fields.

Rotation: Applies an angle to text or image based on the value, in degrees entered into the field. With the Interactive Designer you will also be able to let the customer change this rotation if you set it up to do so in the Rules Tab.

  • 0° value =no change
  • 90° = vertical text
  • 180° = upside down
  • -90° or 270° = vertical reversed

Rotate On: You must rotate on either the Center or Lower Left part of the form field. No other options are available.

Barcode Rendering: eDocBuilder gives you the capability to generate many types of barcodes. The following types are supported:

  • QR Code
  • Datamatrix
  • PDF417
  • 3 of 9
  • 128
  • 128a
  • 128b
  • 128c
  • ITF-14
  • USPS: Intelligent Mail
  • USPS: Planet
  • UPC-A
  • UPC-A +2
  • UPC-A +5
  • UPC-E
  • UPC-E +2
  • UPC-E +5
  • EAN-13
  • EAN-13+2
  • EAN-13+5
  • EAN-8
  • EAN-8+2
  • EAN-8+5

CMYK Color: Enter a CMYK value putting a space in between the color numbers. Example for black: 0 0 0 100 (100% black). You will also want to use this field if your barcode will be rendered as a spot color. In order for a spot color to be viewed on the screen correctly, you will need to enter in a CMYK equivalent.

Spot Color: Enter a name for the spot color. eDocBuilder is not integrated with the Pantone matching system so whatever name you use for your spot colors you should use here. The RIP software will separate it properly onto its own plate (or page in the PDF). If you have other items in the same document using the same spot color, make sure to name them exactly the same so they are on the same plate/page. If you would like the spot color to be represented to the user on the screen, you must also enter a CMYK equivalent of that spot color which will only be used while proofing.

Field Usage: Drop down defines four options for how the field will be viewed.

  • "Proof and Production" viewable in all outputs
  • "Proofing Only" will exclude the field from the production file.
  • "Production Only" viewable on the proof, not included on the production file.
  • "Hide Field" conceals the field from both production and proof files. Use this for fields where the user enters a value that is used elsewhere in scripting formulas.

Repeat Field: You can set this field to appear at the exact same position on subsequent pages of your template by checking this box. Your options are: Do not repeat field (on by default), On subsequent odd pages, On subsequent even, and On all subsequent pages. This option is not available in Interactive Designer templates. See this chapter for more detail on using the Repeating Fields Feature.

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