What if the PDF production file for an order is missing?

 What if the PDF production file for an order is missing?

From the Orders listing in Pressero -- which is the window that is shown when you login at admin.pressero.com -- you can edit any order by clicking the small pencil icon at the left of the order record. A series of tabs on the blue bar at the top of the edit window shows the different settings for that order.

1) Order > Payments. A payment needs to have been issued for this order.

Issuing a payment is handled either by adding to this tab manually, or added to this tab automatically when the integrated payment has finished through the payment provider service. Payments added manually must have the Mark Order as Paid option checked when the payment is added manually to this tab.

2) Order > Edit Order > Paid checkbox must be checked.

3) Order > Edit Item > Approval Status must be Approved.

4) Order > Files should show the production PDF file for that order on this tab.

If the first three conditions from above have been met, a button "Generate eDoc Files" will be shown on this tab. Production PDF files will normally appear within 15 minutes of the order having been marked paid and approved. Clicking the Generate eDoc Files button will tell Pressero to generate the production PDF file for this order.

5) Order > eDocBuilder > Edit this Order allows you to edit the template for the order.

Clicking this button will prompt a confirmation, please read that and click OK. Once the template for the order is showing, make no changes and just hit the Update Cart or Approve/Checkout button. This will prompt eDocBuilder to reprocess that order to generate a production PDF file.