How do I specify a font in a VB or HTML field script?

In an HTML field script, you can specify a font using font tags.  You can set the face, size and color of the font.  
HTML Example
<font face="Calibri-Light" fontsize="12pt" spot="gold:0,16,100,7">@FieldName@</font>
When naming the font you can use either the name of the font exactly as it appears on the Format tab or exactly as it appears on the Assets tab of the template.  
There are four ways you can specify the font color:
1) cmyk attribute - cmyk="100,50,0,18"
2) spot color - spot="gold:0,16,100,7"
3) color attribute - color="#ff3333"
4) named color - color="green" (A chart of named RBG colors can be found here:  Ch. 031 Using Syntax Tags in HTML Field Scripting
You can change the font and font styling in VB script by using HTML tags inside quotation marks. Please note that any quotation marks inside the HTML tags must be changed to single quotes in VB script.
VB Script Example
"<font face='Calibri-Light' fontsize='12pt' spot='gold:0,16,100,7'>" & FieldName & "</font>"