Setting up Authorize.Net Hosted in Pressero

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Important: In order for the site to be ready for checkout with Authorize.Net Hosted, the site will need to be secured. Pressero allows you to secure as many site and domain addresses as desired at no additional cost. If you have any questions about this process, please open a ticket with us at Authorize.Net will not be able to accept transactions from your site until the site is secure.

Create the Payment Method

When your site has been secured, and you have your account credentials from Authorize.Net, you just need to create the payment method and assign it to one of your sites to begin testing transactions.

  1. Go to Preferences > Payment Methods in your Pressero account. Click +Add New. Select Authorize.Net Hosted in the Method Type drop-down.
  2. Give the new method a unique name. For instance, you might be using multiple Authorize.Net Hosted accounts with your Pressero sites, so you could name each to be easily identified when enabling them on your sites.
  3. Enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key (assigned by Authorize.Net).
  4. Send Order Items is checked by default; leaving this checked sends the order items to Authorize.Net (max. 30).
  5. Check the Use CIM Profiles checkbox to enable the Customer Information Manager (CIM) functionality of Authorize.Net, which allows the use of customer credit card profiles.
  6. If your Authorize.Net account is running in Test Mode, check Test Mode on the payment method.

Test Mode vs. Live Mode

If you choose to have Test Mode enabled, your Authorize.Net account needs to be set to be in Test Mode (as opposed to Live Mode). Only Authorize.Net Test Mode credentials and credit card details can be used when using the payment method with Test Mode checked. You will need to contact Authorize.Net support to verify your Test Mode credentials, and Test Mode credit card details that can be used for testing.

If your Authorize.Net account is set for Live Mode, then leave the Test Mode checkbox unchecked when creating the payment method. If you set up a payment method in Test Mode and are ready to set the account to use Live Mode, you will need to create a new payment method in Pressero with the Live Mode credentials, and with the Test Mode checkbox unchecked. You cannot edit and save changes to the payment methods in the Pressero account.

Enable the Payment Method on the Site

When you have the new Authorize.Net Hosted payment method created under Preferences > Payment Methods, then you are ready to enable it on your site(s). Go to the Settings > Payments in your Pressero account for the site you going to enable with Authorize.Net Hosted. On the Settings > Payments window, check Enable, check Show Provider Error, then click Save. Once the payment method has been enabled and saved, it should be showing as a payment option when going to checkout on your secured site.

Test the Authorize.Net Hosted setup by running an order through the storefront. If you are running in Test Mode, checkout should simulate a successful checkout and credit card charge.

After the test is successful, and if you are running in Test Mode, contact Authorize.Net and have them turn off the test mode for your account. Then create a new payment method with the credentials (Preferences > Payment Methods > +Add New > Authorize.Net Hosted) and leave Test Mode unchecked. You will need to set your site to use the new Live Mode payment method. Test a live transaction. Place a real order with yourself. The credit card should be charged successfully.
The option “Show Provider Error” will show any errors that happen with the working payment method when checking out on a transaction. The errors will be Response Codes generated from Authorize.Net. If a transaction is attempted multiple times and continues to generate errors, it will be entered into your account as a cancelled order, and the Response Code error generated by Authorize.Net will be recorded in the status window for that order that can be seen when editing the order in Admin.
The Authorize.Net Response Codes can be checked on their site at the link below.