Can I re-use my existing SSL certificate by redirecting my web traffic to my Pressero store?

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As of 2017, secure certificates can be enabled on any Pressero site and installed automatically for any site. Any old certificate ordering information no longer applies. Please check announcement and instructions on articles below:
Change to the Automatic Certificate System (HTTPS/SSL/TLS) for Pressero
What do I do when I'm ready to "go live" with my Pressero site?
I have an SSL Certificate for another website I operate. Can I re-use that certificate by redirecting my web traffic from there to my Pressero store?
No, and Kind Of.
  • No. The SSL applies only to the domain where the order is being placed. You'll need us to setup a new SSL certificate. An SSL certificate covers the main domain, not a different domain that traffic is redirected to by you.
  • Kind Of. You could redirect the traffic to a store that is using a "" subdomain such as "". The domain is already covered under an SSL certificate that your store can use. The key is, the store MUST use the "" URL. You'll need to check with our support staff to make sure there are no conflicts with the specific URL you plan to use. Only one-level subdomains such as "" are support for this method. "" would be two levels and NOT supported.