Why aren't we getting good SEO results?

There are many things that go into good SEO results. We have many customers getting excellent SEO results (including our own Pressero and eDocBuilder sites which use the Pressero software) so we know it can be done, but it takes work… just like any system would. It is an industry in itself and it is changing every day. This is why we recommend employing the services of a good SEO company that actually understand print... they aren't all the same.    

Here are a few things you will want to look at:


  • Are you setting your URLs so long that the keyword is buried at the end of the string? As a general rule, the search engines only read the first 76 characters of the URL.
  • Are you utilizing the tools Google gives users - their Keyword Planner tool in Adwords, so that you are well optimized as far as the URL goes? 
  • How is the content written, is it well optimized?
  • Did you use any bold/strong/italics around your keyword phrase?
  • Did you use the H2 & H3 tags? 
  • Did you add images, and are they properly tagged for optimization?
  • Do you have social media, is it hooked up to your site?
  • Are you optimized for local searches?

InCart Marketing did an SEO webinar series with us to help customers learn how to get good SEO using the Pressero system. If you would like to watch that recording you can download it off our Pressero site: http://pressero.com/page/web-to-print-solution-webinar-library

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